Monday, November 12th, 2018 was my 365th day of consequetive yoga. I have officially dedicated one straight year of my life to yoga, and it feels amazing!


Why I Started

For two reasons: One, my body was in poor shape after sitting in front of a laptop for a year for school. I was in front of the laptop for, sometimes, twelve hours a day. I had become quite weak. (I’m not good with balance if you can’t tell). I didn’t feel like jumping into crazy workouts like HIIT. I wanted to ease in, so I started with yoga.

The second reason is, I was feeling pretty low for a while back in 2017, and I wanted something that would pick me back up. I kept hearing yoga was amazing for mental and emotional health, so I gave it a shot.


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How I Completed 365 Days of Yoga

I just started! I found a 30 day yoga challenge on Youtube by Yoga with Adriene. I ended up loving the 30 days. I then began to read in the comment section of the videos how people were doing a 365 days challenge. So I decided I’d try the 365 days of yoga!

There was no magic elixir that helped me do it. It just became routine and something I looked forward to. I’d say the first month is the hardest, because you’re trying to make it a new habit. I only ever looked at each day as a new experience. I think when you really enjoy something, you don’t find it a problem in your routine.

I used yoga as a crutch also, so I think that’s what made it somewhat fly by for me. If I was sad, I’d do yoga. Frustrated, anxious, stressed – yoga. It was the answer to all my problems.

There were days when I didn’t want to get on my mat and do it. At one point I was travelling and got back to the place I was staying at 11:30pm, and I had yet to do yoga. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I made sure I did yoga first. Everyday wasn’t a perfect yoga day – I would cry on my mat, and wanted to go to sleep instead, or go hangout with my family. But once I got on my mat to do it, I became consumed by it, and that’s all there was in that moment. Yoga is never about being perfect, it’s about accepting the imperfections.


The Final Day

If I’m being honest, when the last day came, it just felt like any other day. In a way, when you do something like this, you expect it to be this huge climax and celebration on the last day. Which in way, once I had one month left, I did start to feel pretty excited about almost being done completing one year.

But once the final day came, it just felt like any other day of yoga, which is totally okay! It’s definitely about the journey, not the destination. The day after my 365th day, so on Tuesday November 13th 2018, I was going to take a break for the first time in a year, just to see how I’d feel without doing it. But the whole day all I thought about was yoga.


How I Feel After the 365 Days

It’s now the 5th of December and I still haven’t taken a break from yoga. I’m just not as rigid as I was while doing the challenge. If I’m feeling like ten minutes, then I only do ten minutes. Whereas while I was doing the one year challenge, I wanted to make sure I was doing at least more than 15-20 minutes of yoga each day so then it felt like I had done enough to complete that day.

I literally feel uncomfortable at the thought of not doing yoga. It’s become engrained in me. It’s a part of me. It’s who I am now. I imagine one day soon I’ll take a break from it, but as far as right now, I feel comfortable doing it everyday, and I don’t have a problem keeping up with it.


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Tips to Help You Start Your Own Yoga Journey

Yoga is for everyone. That’s the truth. There are so many different kinds, there’s no possible way for anyone to not find their fit within it.

1. Start at your own pace – find poses that work for you and your body (Youtube is a great place to look).

2. You don’t have to do it everyday. Do it on days that work with your schedule.

3. Get an accountability partner to keep track of your progress and to help motivate you.

4. Do it with friends and family.

4. Join a local community yoga class.

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