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Sometimes life sucks. I know that, you know that, we all know that. But you know what also sucks? Sitting at home and literally basking in said suckiness. I know I’ve done this many, many times. To the point where you think, what’s the point of even trying to get out of it? But I’m gonna get you out of it. Right here, right now. You and me. Lets go!


1. Allow Yourself To Be Negative

If you’ve tried to force yourself to be positive and it’s not working. Then stop resisting the negativity. If you feel negative, then feel that negativity! Keep the flames burning until you run out of wood – there is, in fact, only so much wood. Repressing your negativity will only cause it to come up more later on. Get it out while you feel it, so you don’t have to feel it later.


2. Journal or Type It Out (on a laptop, tablet, or phone)

Vent like crazy. Then shred it, throw it away, and delete it. Venting is magical. But after doing so, don’t sit and dwell – dump it, and move on.


3. Yoga

“Yoga is 99 percent waste removal.” ~TKV Desikachar.

In yoga, there are poses geared towards certain fields of energy you’re trying to attain. Here’s a quick yoga sequence for letting go to try.


4. Become Mindful of How You Communicate with Yourself

“Mental health starts with how we communicate with ourselves.” ~Sailing In The Sun.

Our thoughts = our feelings = our behaviours. And vice versa. All three of these are interconnected. You can start to rewire your brain by acting like you’re in a good mood when you’re not. For example, we should force ourself to call a friend and go out to lunch when we don’t feel like it.


5. Affirmations

Affirmations play a major role in changing how we communicate with ourselves. Say to yourself, “I am positive,” even if it feels discomforting or you don’t feel positive. As you say it more, you program your brain to believe what you’re telling it. Remember: you are what you think.


6. Ask Yourself: What Could Go Right?

This shifts your mindset into a more optimistic one. Plus, we often think things will be much worse than they actually are.


7. Ask Yourself: What Makes Me Feel Negative?

Once we know what’s triggering our negativity, we can work towards eliminating the cause, or bringing positivity into the negativity to balance it out. Such as, listening to music or a podcast we love on our commute home from work.


8. Positivity Is a Choice

Make the choice, right now, to be positive! It’s only when we say I want to be positive and I’m going to be positive, that we begin to make an active change in our mindsets. As well, maximize the time you spend in the emotional state you want to be in so it comes naturally to you. You want it to be your default mood.


9. Practise Gratitude

Start a gratitude journal. Say the affirmation each morning, I am grateful for the beautiful life I have.


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10. Back Straight, Heart Forward, Chin Up, Smile

In the book, Rewire Your Brain by Dr. John B. Arden, he writes how by smiling or frowning, you send messages to your subcortical and cortical areas within the brain, which resonate with happy or sad feelings. Therefore, the physiology of your body affects how you feel, and by simply smiling, you can change your brain chemistry!


11. Eat Healthy, Exercise, and Get a Good Nights Sleep

~Eight Tips for Healthy Eating

~How to Build Your Own Workout Routine

~17 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night


12. Cultivate a Positive Environment

Our environment is like clay; we can shape and mold it however we like. Think of your five senses. Our senses play a role in our experience in the world. What do you smell? Taste? Feel? Hear? See? Light a candle, brush your teeth and pop some gum in your mouth, wear comfortable yet nice clothes, play some relaxing music, and clean your house! They all make up your experience and how you feel about yourself and the world.


13. Surround Yourself with Things You Love

Listen to Music, hang out with a pet, drink tea or coffee, write a letter to someone, draw, paint, bake, dance, write (anything!), read a book, listen to music, dance, start a garden, make a goals list, write a list of things you’re grateful for, write a song, fix something, create something, buy yourself flowers, watch a happy movie, try a new hobby, buy a plant, talk to someone you love, eat delicious food. Think of all the wonderful things in life and you won’t have room to think of the negative.


14. Get Away From the News and Social Media

The news industry thrives on delivering negativity to the public. Negative news is more likely to grab mass attention than positive news, so that’s what they deliver. Avoid or limit it. I know my life has changed positively doing so. As well, social media (especially Instagram) is a breeding ground for envy and feeling like your life isn’t good enough. The news also leaks into social media, such as Twitter.


15. Be a Source of Positivity For Others – Compliment Others

Seeing other people smile makes us smile.

~50 Nice Things to Say to a Friend


16. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Join a club or take a cooking class. I personally love Paint Nite!


17. Realize Criticism Is Coming From Another Person, And Doesn’t Reflect Your True Self.

I’m personally a sensitive person, so I know how hard it can be dealing with criticism. Developing thick skin is a literal skill. I’ve learned there’s three ways to respond to negativity:

1. Be negative right back.

2. Question the person on their behaviour.

Or 3. Don’t respond, and walk away.

I’ve also learned the third is the best, and always the right choice. Let the other person stoop in their negativity and realize it’s none of your business. 🙂


18. Know the Difference Between Big Problems and Small Challenges

Do you know one of those people who take the smallest problem and make it a huge problem? For example, you’re talking to a friend on her cell while she’s driving home from work, and she’s complaining about not being home. Well… That’s where you’re going, aren’t you? Don’t be one of those people who complain just to complain, it puts too much unnecessary strain on you and others, and is a breeding ground for negativity. Checkout: How To Stop Making A Big Deal Out of Your Problems.


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19. Set Small Attainable Goals and Take Action

The left prefrontal cortex is associated with positive emotions and is action-oriented. Whereas, the right prefrontal cortex is associated with negative emotions and is passive-oriented. Therefore, taking action produces positivity. Checkout: Set Your Goals and Make Them Happen.


20. Have a Positive Morning Routine

Our mornings set the tone for our whole day, so it’s important to start it off with the right mood. Why not try building your own morning routine?


21. Laugh!

Its important to develop a sense of humour about yourself, and not take your current situation or yourself too seriously. Laughing at yourself allows you to see yourself as part of a greater whole. Checkout: The 25 Best Comedy Movies of the 21st Century


22. Accept Your Mistakes – You’re Human

Who cares if you tripped in front of everyone at work, or someone called you out, or you broke something accidentally. Mistakes happen! We’re human. All that matters is you’re alive and healthy, tomorrows a new day, and everyone will eventually forget about that thing you accidentally did or said. And if they don’t, that’s a reflection of who they are, not you.


23. Choose a Positive Mentor

Mentors are people who have qualities and traits we want to see within ourselves. When we choose a positive mentor, they’re a source of inspiration and motivation to transform ourselves in a positive way.


24. Get Outside and Explore Nature

I live in Canada and I’ve gone for walks when it’s been negative twenty five degrees celsius. If you dress appropriately, there’s no excuse for you not to go for a walk. Walking and getting away from our desk, or being stuck inside, helps us clear our heads and get away from our problems for a little bit. It shifts our perspective so there’s more to life than our problems. If freezing weather really isn’t your thing, why not go to the mall for a walk (I do this often haha. Shopping = Exercise). 🙂


25. Do Whatever the Heck Makes You Happy!

Do what makes you happy! Stop thinking about it, love fully, laugh fully, and do what makes you feel good – fully. Just start. One small step everyday. You don’t have to do it all, and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

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