Happy December!

The shorter days and cloudy skies of winter can, believe it or not, be enjoyable. We just have to find those little things to do that make it enjoyable. Coming from a born and raised Canadian, I know a thing or two about getting cozy for Winter. I feel like I’m one of the few people who admire winter for the simple reason that it gives me an excuse to stay in, get things done, and be productive within the house. I can catch up on a book, learn something new, and simply indulge in my introversion.

Without further ado, here’s 15 Ways To Get Cozy For Winter, with tips:


1. Set Out the Christmas Blankets, Pillows, Clothes and Bedsheets

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~Prep your bed by putting on some fluffy, warm winter sheets, a thick duvet, extra soft blankets, and some Christmas pillows.

~Lay blankets or throws on your couch, end of your bed, or even your office chair.

~Get out the winter clothes, assess what you have and don’t have, and then go shopping for any additional winter sweaters, hats, mitts, or scarfs you need.


2. Play Board Games

Winter is the perfect time of year to connect with loved ones and have some fun!:

~Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Board Game

~Christmas-opoly (Christmas and Monopoly put together, heck yeah!)

~Christmas Charades Game


3. Bake Christmas Treats

Christmas, cookies, treats, winter, food

Can’t live without Christmas treats!

~Gingerbread Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

~Whipped Short Bread Cookies Recipe

~Peppermint Bark Fudge Recipe


4. Cook Up Some Warm, Comforting Winter Dishes!

christmas, winter, dinner, recipes, food

Here’s a few warm, tasty recipes to try during the chilly weather:

~Cleansing Carrot Butternut Squash Soup (a favourite of mine! Even my meat-loving Father loves this recipe!)

~Gingerbread Slow Cooker Oatmeal

~Cranberry Pecan Brie Bites


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5. Spend Time with Loved Ones

A few things you can do with your loved ones:

~Play Christmas games.

~Christmas treat baking day.¬†Every year my family gets together, and we plan out all the christmas treats we want to bake, and then we have a baking day together! Something we anticipate each year and have lots of fun with. ūüôā

~Binge watch Christmas movies with peppermint dark chocolate popcorn and hot chocolates.


6. Indulge In a Hot Bath

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Tips to make the most of your bath time:

~Light a Christmas/winter scented candle. Bring a nice book or magazine to the bath with you (but don’t drop it in! This has happened one too many times with me. Oopsies!)

~Use epsom salts, bubble bath, body oils, and bath bombs.

~Set up your desired comfy clothes, including socks and a fuzzy blanket for after you get out of the tub.

~Bring a drink to the bath, such as warm apple cider, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or wine.


7. Eat Your Vitamin D

Why is vitamin D important during the colder months? We receive most of the vitamin D our bodies require through sun exposure, and with a lot of cloud cover over the winter (especially here in Canada), it’s important we’re getting vitamin D in other ways, specifically our diets. Here’s some foods with high vitamin D:

~Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, and salmon.

~Cheese and egg yolks.

~Some foods fortified with vitamin D, like soy milk, cereal, and orange juice.


8. Read a Good Book

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I personally can’t get through any season without a good book! Here’s a few links to some awesome young adult Christmas stories:

~“Almost Midnight: Two Short Stories” By Rainbow Rowell

~“One Day In December”¬†By Josie Silver

~“A Secret Someone” By Claudia Carroll


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9. Watch Christmas Movies

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~Of course we have all the classics like Elf, Home Alone, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, The Grinch, Christmas with the Kranks, Polar Express.

~I personally find winter to be a great time to watch romance/ romantic comedies as well. Some of my favourites include Titanic, The Great Gatsby, La La Land, and Love Rosie.

~What are your favourite movies to watch this time of year, comment down below! ūüôā


10. Listen to Christmas Music

Good Christmas albums to explore include:

~”Christmas” by Michael Buble.

~”Merry Christmas” by Mariah Carey.

~”Under the Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber.


11. Open the Curtains and Blinds

Here in Canada, it’s cloudy often throughout Winter (I currently haven’t seen the sun for over a week). Yet, we receive most of our vitamin D through the sun, and with a deficient, it can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, a lower immune system, and depression. Make sure to open all your blinds and curtains so whatever amount of sun there is, can be let in, and hopefully brighten your day! It’s also great for viewing that first fluffy, bright, white snow fall of the year!


12. Make Hot Winter Drinks

hot, christmas, winter, drinks, chocolate, marshmellows

~ Healthy Vegan Hot Chocolate

~Healthy Hot Apple Cider

~ 40+ Hot Winter Drinks to Sip All Season Long

TIP: Make a hot drink to sip before heading out the door. It keeps you extra warm for when it’s time to face the cold.


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13. Bundle Up with Cute Winter Clothes and Gear

~Put on some cute scarfs, hats, mitts, and socks. I highly recommend checking out the The Lemon Collection! I have socks and hats of theirs that are my absolute favourite!

~Wear ugly Christmas sweaters, or cute oversized ones.

~If you live in a below freezing climate, make sure your winter coat is fully insulated, and wind and water proof. Check for rips or tears that need to be repaired as well. Make sure you have winter boots that are insulated for below freezing temperatures, and are void of damage. Remember: it’s better to invest in good durable winter boots that will last, even if they’re a little pricier. With good care they can last years. The warmer and drier, the better!


14. Give and Be Grateful

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~Make Christmas cards, with personalized hand written notes inside, expressing to loved ones how grateful you are to have them in your life.

~Reflect on all the things you’re lucky to have in your life; roof over your head, food in your fridge, warm, dry socks on your feet. Being grateful is proven to increase our happiness and life satisfaction.

~Give plenty of hugs and tell those around you face to face how much you love them. It might feel a little cheesy at first, but in the end you feel good about making someones day.


15. Visit Bookstores and Coffee Shops

cozy, winter, christmas, coffee, shops, book, stores

There’s something so admirable and picturesque about books stores and coffee shops during the winter season. There’s a local coffee cafe in my town I have yet to go to, but I’ve heard is very good, and I’d love to checkout. I also recently went to Value Village, only to learn they have used books between one to three dollars – definitely going to be returning soon!


Have a great December everyone! ūüôā

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