I wrote this back on November 25th, and I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made on my yoga journey, and now want to help others achieve their own. So without further ado, here’s my experience with trying a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and how it changed my life:

The Start of My Yoga Journey

Ever since my wisdom tooth surgery in April 2016, I’ve taken those two weeks of rest and made it a daily habit for the following year and a half to sit… a lot. I tried multiple times trying to get back into my old workout routine, and nothing seemed to work. I’d workout for one day and when the next day came, the motivation wasn’t there. It got to the point where I’d workout once a month, or once every two months, and it just wasn’t cutting it. At least I’m thinking about it everyday, I’d think. But I still wasn’t doing anything.

So when November 2017 came rolling around, I had enough of the back and forth. And on November 12th, 2017, I cold turkey began a 30 Day Yoga Challenge. This 30 Day Yoga Challenge I came across on Youtube by a girl named Adriene, and I cannot express how much I love this girl and her videos. I used to use Youtube videos for cardio all the time, so I considered it to be a good place to start for yoga. I have always struggled a bit to stick to any workout challenge, but this one I actually look forward to everyday! I wake up, it’s the first thing I think about, and I can’t wait to go down to the basement to my yoga space, and get on my mat.

If you’re curious about doing this 30 day challenge, I will give you the whole lay down (given from my experience of course) to see if it might fit into your lifestyle. I’m gonna put my thoughts in bullet points to keep them organized for you guys.

What My Yoga Journey Entailed

~I started November 12th. I’m currently on day 14, and I’ve already felt so many benefits. These benefits include:

  • a stronger upper body, and overall increase in how toned my body is.
  • more energy.
  • more flexibility.
  • my mood has improved substantially (I’m happier and more positive).
  • I sleep better.
  • I’m more productive.
  • Less mental clutter
  • More connected to myself
  • By the end of the second week, my anxiety was next to nothing (I went out to Walmart with my sister to buy some groceries. Normally my anxiety acts up before getting to the cash register, like I have to mentally prepare myself. Yet I didn’t even think of it this time! Which is so rare for me), I was calmer, more mindful of my surroundings, and of what I said to others.

~I felt motivated for the first 9 days. By the 10th day I began to lose a little motivation, but it kicked back in a day later (guys it’s so normal to feel unmotivated the odd day, don’t feel bad, and ultimately, don’t give up.) 🙂

~A lot of people in the comments of the videos deemed to feel emotional or even cry after certain videos they completed, but I hadn’t. It wasn’t until day 13 where I felt this amazing emotion. I felt so happy, and felt so much love, it was like I was having a breakthrough or an awakening. I don’t know what you would call it but it made me feel so grateful for life and I could see life in a different, more beautiful light. This is what really validated the awesomeness of this 30 day yoga challenge for me.

~A tip for days when you’re feeling unmotivated: Just get on the mat. Even if you sit on the mat in child’s pose for 10 minutes, you are still putting in the time to make it a habit of getting on that mat. When you’re first starting out, just try to make it a habit, and then go from there.

~A tip if you find you’re not settling into yoga very well (for example, you can’t sit still for very long, or you can’t focus, etc.): This does not mean yoga was not meant for you, it means yoga is meant for you. I kid you not 90% of the people I ask to try yoga with me, end up not getting through 10 minutes of it because they’re so restless, and then they say yoga wasn’t meant for them. That’s when I tell them, “no these are signs you need yoga, bro.” And for the record, for those who don’t do yoga, it is sooo normal to be restless and unfocused at first. That’s the whole point of yoga, to overtime refocus your mind and body, and ground yourself. Restlessness = a desperate need for yoga. A racing, cluttered mind = a need for yoga. For some people, it just takes longer to get settled into, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s your journey and your journey only – embrace it.

~Do it first thing in the morning. If you’re not a morning person it may take some motivation (I would know) but once you get into the routine of it, it gets easier. Plus, doing it first thing helps to get it out of the way so you’re not dragging it out for the whole day and then end up not doing it. To be honest, it didn’t really require a lot of motivation out of me because of how much I ended up loving it, so it was easier to ease into it than I initially thought. Hopefully that’s the case for you as well. UPDATE: Now that I’m over 100 days of yoga, I now do it at night because I’ve gotten into the habit of doing it. I feel like once you get into the habit, you can then choose what time of the day you want to do it because you’re more likely to not skip it, even if it’s 10pm at night and you’re super tired (I’ve done a few midnight yogas).

~Just by looking at what others are writing in the comment section of the yoga videos proves how much the viewers are loving the content and the way the yoga is presented. I can assure you, the reason why I love Adriene’s yoga videos is because they aren’t overly strenuous, so you don’t have to worry if you’re getting into something that your body won’t be able to handle. They seem to be designed in a way that helps you ease into it to heal your mind and body, rather than make you feel like you have to force it and do something you’re dreading (like HIIT cardio, haha!). There is also a great variety, if you aren’t feeling like a chill session on the floor, then you can pick a video that involves more strength. She also has videos geared towards people who do manual labour, nurses, or even yoga for zombies (Halloween yoga for all you Halloween lovers!).

~A lot of the 25 minute videos feel 5 minutes (time flies when you’re havin’ fun!).

~I’ve had such an amazing time doing yoga, I don’t want it to end in 16 days. I want it to last forever. 🙁

My yoga gear I have accumulated over the months! Featuring my bamboo which seems to be the only plant I can keep alive, haha. Let me know if you guys want to see a yoga essentials post from me! 🙂

Do I Recommend Yoga for Others?

Yes, yes, yes! I cannot recommend yoga enough. I’m like a passionate vegan campaigning to end animal cruelty and better the planet, but for yoga! Yoga can heal so much of you. With that said, you don’t have to follow Adriene’s videos, by all means, I’m just personally really passionate about her videos. There are tons of other yoga videos on youtube to follow. The reason why I like Adriene is because of the free 30 day challenges and variety she delivers. She also delivers a great personality which makes the yoga journey a million times better.

If anything, you don’t even have to follow a video, you could make up your own routine, pick your own poses, and duration of your yoga. Have fun with it, don’t take it too seriously! It’s all about taking time for yourself to unwind and to love yourself.

The biggest thing I noticed in this yoga challenge is my happiness. Another main reason I started this was because the last half of October and first half of November I was going through these bouts of sadness that I didn’t understand. I felt like crap constantly, always laid in my bed during the day, always anxious at night, I didn’t want to do anything even though I wanted to do something. It was horrible. And because of the wellness junky I am, I knew it came down to my lifestyle. I just didn’t know how to get out of it because the sadness was making me so unmotivated.

So I started with yoga, cause it’s easier than cardio, and I kid you not within the first week I started to noticed a difference, and within the second week I reaalllyyy started to notice a difference. If you’re thinking on doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, I recommend sticking to it for at least two weeks before you decide to drop it or not because by the end of the second week is when I really started to notice the improvements. So don’t quit one week in!

In conclusion, I had an amazing experience doing this 30 Day Yoga Challenge (so far, as I’m on day 14!) and I can’t wait for the other 16 days. I know I’ll be continuing this even after the 30 days are up. If you are considering trying the 30 day yoga challenge, the video can be found below. Thanks for reading! 🙂





An Update on My Yoga Journey: Day 101!

You are never going to believe what I’m going to say guys.

So I ended up completing the 30 day challenge. And better yet, todays date is actually Monday February 20th, which means I’m on day 101 of yoga (just over 3 months!). CAN YOU BELIEVE! Now, I am not here to brag. I’m here to motivate! If I can do it, you can do it (lets do it togetthheeerrr).

I had completed the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and figured, if I’ve gotten this far, why not keep going? It has completely changed my life – who I am, how I view myself, my interests, my relationship with myself. Yoga is a part of who I am now. It is positively revolutionary. And the great thing about yoga is, even on my days when I wasn’t feeling it (because believe me, there were whole weeks when I wasn’t feeling it), I simply did 10 minutes of floor yoga (whether it was breathing, cat cow, or child’s pose – just stretchin’ it out). You don’t have to do a lot to get a lot out of yoga. It’s not always about doing a killer workout, it’s about taking time for yourself, to empty the mental load.

I’m now striving for the goal of 365 days of Yoga, and I’m nothin’ but PUMPED! Do the 365 days of Yoga with me and tweet me about your progress! (Or 30 Days! Just getting started is an achievement, lets be real ya’ll.)

I wish you well in your wellness journey. 🙂

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