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Who Am I?

Hi guys! Welcome to my first blog post here on Sailing In The Sun! My name is Lexi Shaw. I’m a 20 year old Canadian girl with a passion for many things such as:

~Writing and Reading.

~Mental and Emotional Health (wellbeing).

~Psychology and Neuroscience.

~Self-improvement and Self-care.

~Yoga, Meditation, and basically everything Spiritual (crystal healing and law of attraction anyone?)

~And ultimately helping others better the quality of their lives.

A rather lopsided portrait of myself – but hi! Dis is me 🙂

What’s My Mission?

My mission is to share my personal mental health journey, inspire and connect with others (you guys!), and contribute to the changing stigma around mental health. I strive to post information, advice, tips and techniques that help better the mental and emotional wellbeing of others, as well as recipes that help promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Lastly, I want to be open-minded with my writing and post articles on various topics outside mental health as well, such as the lessons I’ve learned, experiences I’ve had, and things I’ve tried.

Should You Read My Blog?

Absolutely, positively yes! Anyone and everyone is welcome. You should especially read my blog if you:

  1. Suffer from anxiety and low emotional wellness and would like to learn more about them, techniques to improve them, and more!
  2. If you have a large interest in self-care, yet don’t know where to start.
  3. You strive to improve and grow the spiritual, mental, and emotional areas of your life, including the general quality of your life.
  4. Or if you just wanna have some fun, explore random topics with me, experience life with me and watch me grow, make mistakes, and improve alongside you (nobody’s perfect!). Let’s do life together!

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist so I cannot provide professional treatment. If you are looking for professional help, you can start by contacting your family doctor – take baby steps if you must.

Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

The collection of all my journals. 🙂

I have journalled personally for years. More specifically, since I was seven and I’m now twenty (over twelve years! And many more to come). It wasn’t until I completed high school and began to explore what I really wanted to do with my life that I decided blogging might be something to seriously consider. I realized the one thing I have always loved is journaling, writing is something that has always come naturally for me, and I have a story to tell and a desire to inspire and help others – so why not put it into blog form? I’ve been on and off about writing a blog for years and now I have finally began to take action to do so (the dream is coming true!). So thank you if you’ve taken the time to read all this and check out my blog.

What topics do you think you’ll write about?

Besides the mental health, self-care, and self-improvement/development topics I mentioned above, I’ll probably write the odd food post and ones related to homeschooling, university, and lifestyle (like why I don’t drink alcohol, for example. Is that considered lifestyle? It is now!) Since I’m new to blogging, I’m trying to stay open-minded about the niche, and then as my blog further develops over the months and years, my niche will become more narrowed down. Some blog posts you can look forward to include:

~ My Anxiety Story

~ Lost In My Twenties

~ Anxiety: Do’s and Don’ts

What’s your intention with starting a blog?

A big reason is connection with people. As a child, my anxiety signs began to appear when I was nine years old. The first being trichotillomania. I grew up in a small county with a population of 13,000 people and went to a public school with 250 students. I was the only child who appeared to have trichotillomania symptoms in the area. In the area, I didn’t see anyone else suffering as bad as I was, struggling as much as I was – to the point where you could visibly see it in their appearance – and that really made me feel different and alone. No one talked about mental health, there was no education in health class on it, no raising awareness. With the lack of people talking about mental health and seeing that everyone else didn’t have trichotillomania, I felt like an outsider.

With starting this blog, a part of me feels like I’m finally satisfying that feeling of being alone and like an outsider I felt as a child through connecting with other like-minded people – like-minded people I didn’t have in my life but felt like I needed. In addition, I’ve had this personal anxiety story bottled up inside me for so many years. And it’s been hard and painful and I want to show that story to the world so then people can relate and be like, “Yeah, I have felt like this before.” I want people to feel less alone and more content in their lives because I know how it feels to feel like that. Nothing feels more special to me than community (That’s why I love concerts!).

If you blog successfully through the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

Here’s some quick bullet points of what I would like to achieve:

~A progressive increase in viewers each month (it’s hard to put an estimate in numbers on this one).

~To have a steady flow of posts coming out each week for your interest and enjoyment.

~Help change and better the lives of a minimum of 10,000 people!

~Possibly put out some amazing products in the future that I personally use and enjoy myself (and think others would as well), along with an eBook or two!

It’s hard to say what I’m going to achieve in a year, and who knows what opportunities will show up unexpectedly. But this is a general look at what I’d like to achieve. All in all, I’m really measuring the success of my blog off the number of readers I get. The more readers I have the more my content is being eaten up, which ultimately means the more people I could be helping and inspiring. But being real, what blogger wouldn’t want to have a lot of readers. That’s the whole point of blogging, am I right? To reach an audience!

Some mental health facts about me:

~I was diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) when I was 11 years old.

~In recent years (specifically 2015-2016), I experienced severe panic attacks to the point where I had to quit my job. I do still have days where I feel more apt to burst with one than others, but for the most part, I’ve come a long way and I’m much better at controlling them and keeping them down then I was years ago. (If you get panic attacks, I understand you completely and how debilitating they can be. Take my word for it. You can get better! I never thought I would get rid of them, never thought I’d be able to live a somewhat “normal” life (whatever normal is). Let me be the example that it can get better). More on this in future posts!

Some fun, personal, and quirky facts to get to know me further:

~I have loved drawing and painting all my life! (I got lucky because it’s genetic. My Nana wanted to be a painter and I grew up watching her paint. Bless!) 🙂

~I’m a huge weirdo SO WATCH OUT!

~I’m super family-oriented and can’t wait to have a family of my own one day.

~I’m yoga and book obsessed (having Belle’s library would be a dream!)

~I grew up in the country so I have a huge appreciation for nature.

This is the property I grew up on which fostered my love of nature. My family and I have since moved into town. 🙂

When do I post?

On average I post once a week, I aim for Tuesday but it always seems to be Wednesday… or Friday LOL. But in general I try to aim for Tuesday. 🙂

How can you get involved?

Leave a comment below and get connected! I want to hear all about who you are, if you have a blog, and what your story is. Also, let me know what you think of my first post! I would love to hear some feedback. Thank you so much for reading! 🙂 If you would like to contact me, locate the contact page at the top of the screen, or follow me on Pinterest and/or Twitter.

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