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React Vs. Respond: How To Be In Control of Your Emotions

React Vs. Respond: How To Be In Control of Your Emotions

As a teenager, my emotional health was out of control. Learning to respond instead of react was a crucial skill I taught myself to become emotionally smarter, and you can too! (Anyone can learn it!). Responding is when we acknowledge an influence, or, "make an answer about an influence." Responding is done mindfully and empowers us.
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Rewire Your Brain: Dr. John Arden | Book Review And What I Learned

Rewire Your Brain: Dr. John Arden | Book Review And What I Learned

Did you know neuroscientific research has proven the human brain is plastic? In Dr. John B. Arden's book Rewire Your Brain, he talks extensively on neuroscience and how you can overcome mental health challenges, such as anxiety and depression. Today I'm giving you key points I took away from this non-ficiton book, which can help you along your healing journey.
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10 Things I Learned In My Teen Years

10 Things I Learned In My Teen Years

Our teen years are hard. There's peer pressure, the scary feeling of independence, swaying confidence and self-esteem, discovering who you are and where you fit in, mental health problems, body struggles, social struggles, juggling school hours, after school homework, studying, part-time jobs, extra curricular's, and volunteering. It's a heavy load.
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My Self-Love Story

My Self-Love Story

I know I'm still on this self-love journey, I'm only twenty and just a few days ago I was struggling, crying, questioning my life (for the billionth time), and beating myself up for ridiculous reasons. Life's all about slipping, falling, getting back up and walking it off. And it's the same with our love.
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